Stream Online VS. Piracy: Is there a Difference?

One of the most considered heinous crimes back then is piracy of multimedia files such as music, videos, or even a movie. This is done by distributing the files to other people without the consent of the owner and the way they obtained the original file came from an illegal method. If you are more curious about fmovies then you can learn more about it on

Since it was punishable when done, people are more careful when it comes to purchasing copies or even watching or listening online. That is why when websites that allows streaming of movies were introduced, people are still hesitant because they are not aware if it safe or not. But, apparently, piracy and the movies online on websites have a huge difference


  • Came From Illegal Method – as it was mentioned, it is illegal because the distribution was not permitted by the owner and the way they obtained the file can also be illegal or used a third-source to make it possible
  • Lower quality – Since they are not able to get the original file, they will use cheaper methods to be able to get a copy, which in turn lowers the quality of the file

Watching Movies Online

  • Uploaded With Consent – since they are only for viewing purposes and not a copy for the users, there is no legal issue that you should worry about it. Plus, these movies are uploaded with the consent of the movie owner by acknowledging them.
  • No Downloads – as it was mentioned, the video is just uploaded and not a copy that you can download. Just like in Fmovies since they disallowed the third-parties, it means that no one is allowed to upload their video to any other site or even download the content for the sake of profiting from it since if that is the case, that will be the one considered illegal.