Let Me Watch This Channel for Free: Types of Online Movies

One of the disadvantages of online streaming is that you are at risk of malware and hacking, however, there are also several ways on how you can deal with this situation and prevent any of them from happening.

One of them is to avoid from clicking those sites or links that suggest that they would download you the movie. This is basically one way to infiltrate your system and plant some malware to it. Another one is by utilizing the virtual private network. The Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is capable of hiding the IP address of your PC while accessing the Internet. It is also capable of adding some layers of security to the system. This would basically letmewatchthis channel or movie safely and securely. Basically, with the Virtual Private Network, your system is more secured. Lastly, you should only go to the sites, browse movies, and download movies legally. In reality, there are two types of movies sites on the Internet:

  • The Public Domain Sites
  • The Licensed Sites

Public Domain Sites

The Public Domain Sites are basically those sites that are capable of providing motion pictures that are usually copyrighted, however, these movies would a shorter span of time on the Internet. You can basically watch and download them for free. These sites are also capable of offering you different genres to choose from.

Licensed Sites

The Licensed Sites or Licensed Movies are those ones that are licensed to be watched online. In comparison with the Public Domain movies, the Licensed Movies are those movies that would either have a very high-quality graphics or latest movies on the market. Usually, these movies are characterized by short-duration ads.

The importance of knowing them is that you should know how to classify the sites that you are visiting. If the site that you are visiting does not fall to any of these categories, you should think twice before you open them or use their services.