How to babysit a brat

Babysitting may seem like an easy way to earn money on the side for teenagers but it can be a few hours of hell when you are asked to look after a brat. The worst is that you do not quite know how to discipline these difficult children because you are “just the babysitter” or you feel that you are not authorized to teach these kids some lessons. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure a stress-free sitting session:

Watch animated movies
If the kids you are looking after can not keep still, then animated movies will do wonders for you. The Internet lets you watch movies online for free and some sites will also allow you to download these movies, which is a lifesaver in case you are sitting for people who do not have a good Internet connection. This will give you a few hours of peace while you tidy up the place or prepare their meals. Source for more about

Reward good behavior
Most babysitters do not know where they stand on the disciplining front so it is best to just go with rewarding good behavior. This work best if you are sitting for two or more kids. When you praise one of the kids or give them a reward for doing something good like picking up his toy, the rest of the kids will want to be rewarded and praised as well.

Talk to the parents
If the bratty behavior is controllable and you are expected to sit for the family long term, it will not hurt to talk to the parents. Parents know their children best and they can even give you suggestions on how to handle such behavior – this way you have an idea whether you are stepping over the line or not when you need to discipline them.